Legal Services

Legal Services

The Department of Finance and Commerce

Etemad va Andisheh Law and Arbitration Firm by taking some innovative steps in financial and commercial affairs services, not only is professionally employed by experienced legal expert, but also by paying heed to original administrative approaches and strategies has been able to provide its clients across the world with the liability of consultation concerning legal actions and arbitration in domain of finance and commerce.

The Department of Estates and Land

In order to deal with all pleas regarding estates and land, this firm has left no stone unturned to provide its client with knowledgeable lawyers, legal practitioners and advisors expert in this specific field to both familiarizing the clients with respective issues, terms, regulations and practical solutions, and offering them a vast range of legal services in terms of preparation, composition and arrangements of would-be-made contracts, in fields of purchase, sale, association, rent and construction, to name a few. Clients can also count on this firm for any related proceedings and lawsuits about registration affairs, endowments, municipality, urban land any necessary measures as to dissociation and partition in cognizable referents.

The Department of International Affairs

Iranian merchants and passengers might encounter some predicaments and legal procedures in foreign countries. It is unfortunate that in many cases, their rights are negated merely due to their unfamiliarity with judicial affairs of destination countries. This firm, by collaborating with its counterparts in many countries worldwide, would offer a golden opportunity to its clients to  refer to some credible lawyers residing in that very country in order to have access to a wide variety of legal services ranging from consultation to arbitration.

The Department of Family Affairs

It is common knowledge that, in this day and age, family pleas have a lion’s share among all cases taken to courts of law. Considering the variety of such claims and their sensitivity, this department would offer its clients some legal services as follows:
  • Agreed divorce
  • Unilateral divorce
  • Claim for marriage portion
  • Claim for alimony
  • Custody and visitation of the divorced child
  • Deference
  • Marriage and divorce basis
  • Proof of relativity
  • Injunction of growth

The Department of Penal Affairs

Undoubtedly, penal rights are among the most noted and must-be-taken-into-account rights because they are directly associated with individuals’ life, properties, reputation and esteem, thus all efforts must be made to meet and fulfill the interests of plaintiffs as well as preventing their rights from being either denied or negated. Etemad va Andisheh Law and Arbitration Firm’s Department of Penal Affairs, by having a command of some very adroit and skillful experts in the respective field, would go to any lengths to provide its clients with all related services in penal cases, including murder, chance-medley, fraud, perfidy, forgery, and even traffic crimes.

The Department of Tax and Insurance Affairs

Etemad va Andisheh Law and Arbitration Firm is highly concerned that tax and insurance affairs due to their complexity and sensitivity are of great significance among legal cases. Consequently, it has recruited the most experienced and knowledgeable consultants to give you constant assistance from the very beginning in the following fields:
  • Tax commission
  • Bureaucratic justice
  • Car accidents
  • Claim for damages from the insurance company and body damages fund

The Department of Business Enterprises

In order to provide a stage for business enterprises to carry out their commercial affairs and assist them with their legal plights and problems, Etemad va Andisheh Law and Arbitration Firm has offered a broad selection of services to companies, agencies and entrepreneurs such as:
  • Making contracts
  • Registering business companies
  • Registering changes

The Department of Industrial and Intellectual Properties

In today’s modern world, preserving the rights of authors, composers, songwriters, artists and inventors and taking issue with violators of copyright is of a great importance. Hence, in order to protect the aforementioned items, Etemad va Andisheh Law and Arbitration Firm is well prepared to provide intellectuals with variety of legal services, as follows:
  • Registering trademarks
  • Registering patents
  • Filing a penal claim
  • Filing a legal claim
  • Making contracts as to the right of industrial and intellectual properties