Arbitration Services

Arbitration Services

Domestic Arbitration

Abundance of taking matters to courts, lengthy legal actions and proceedings, as well as the dearth of attention required in delivering verdicts due to the vast number of court cases, all have contributed to the fact that, in the present climate, individuals opt for referring to arbitrators to settle their disputes rather than taking their matters to the judicatures. One marked benefit of this approach is that disputes are settled rather sooner in this way. While proceedings process, verdicts announcement and their certitudes in administrations of justice typically take a year or so to be finalized, these procedures are liable to be accomplished in about a three-month period thanks to arbitration owing to familiarity with their definiteness, length of legal action and summons. Another favorable point to arbitration is that, the selected arbitrator arrives at a decision by considering all pleas and looking into all stated documents offered by both parties, whereas in administrations of justice, this process might take at least half an hour due to the plentifulness of legal cases. Some documentation are neither heard nor regarded. It is evident that involvement of some unskilled and impertinent arbitrators would definitely result in a number of further predicaments for both parties.

Etemad va Andisheh Law and Arbitration Firm, by having a grasp of practiced and adept arbitrators, has minimized any errors associated with arbitration to reassure its clients.

International Business Arbitration

As well as the domestic commercial and civil disputes, any kinds of discords between Iranian merchants and foreigners can be freely referred to the arbitration department of this firm. Parties are given the choice to choose the ruling law and they can rest assured that some dexterous and impartial arbitrators through a certainly fast procedure would settle their dispute. For arbitration, not only is this firm credible and authorized in Iran, but also it is binding and enforceable in more than 150 countries across the world, as internationally accredited by New York convention. Therefore, parties in or from other countries, free of any restrictions as to the familiarity with the judiciary rules and regulations in Iran, can refer to this firm for arbitration and the final settlement of their disputes, either their properties establishments are in Iran or elsewhere.